Speculative housing design relies solely on providing a product that will attract potential buyers.  Different from a custom home in which the client tells you what they want; the success of producing a speculative product relies on the designer already knowing what a potential buyer wants.

Home buyers are more knowledgeable, decisive, and demanding.  To be successful in today’s market, you not only have to build a quality product – but must provide designs that are responsive to what consumers want.  It sounds simple, but buyer’s value homes that address all their desires, thus homes designed to address a target markets wishes will sell faster and closer to the asking price.  That means less carry on a construction loan and a selling price that yields a higher profit margin.

dsc_2172To do this effectively requires an understanding of who your target market is, and what design features their demographic desires most.  A successful design will provide solutions that are focused towards your potential buyers and their lifestyle.

My experience and background in developing and interpreting market research studies is invaluable in identifying how buyers prioritize and value design features prevalent in the market.  This knowledge in conjunction with understanding a buyers needs produces design solutions that are intuitive to how a buyer lives.

A well designed speculative house should offer the opportunity to provide a client with several distinctive exterior styles from the same floor plan.  More than changing the roof pitch and adding shutters, the ability to offer multiple dynamically different elevation styles is a cost effective asset for you.